EyeSpy Pebble 8+2
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Quality camera  and stable software.          


It's a USB IRISCOPE - Sclerascope  IRIS CAMERA

Economical Digital Iriscope / iridology camera

Now everyone including STUDENTS can afford a DIGITAL IRISCOPE - Sclerascope

The Pebble 8+2 camera connects directly to the USB port of your computer

Run the capture software, adjust the iris image shown on you computer screen and click..

Now take the other eye....

Yes that's quick


*Due to continuing development the actual products may differ slightly from illustrations.* 5 Mp interpolated means 2 Mp CCD sensor unit.

 Note the change of address details. EyeRonec p.o. box 151 Ourimbah 2258 Australia Phone +61 409 622 795

USA contacts EyeRonec Int 6165 Ridgeview CT Ste F Reno NV 89519 USA Phone 1 775825 9494 cell 775 856 9494


eyec.gif The Digital iridology entry level camera needs no control box or stand and may fit into your laptop case.

australian flag animated.gif   Made in Australia Special $ 695.-- AUD plus postage

TO ORDER go to www.iridology.nl

EyeRis iridology software FREE with purchase of EyeSpy Pebble 8+2

Best value USB  iriscope available, very economical, easy to use, connecting directly to your PC or Laptop.

For Top quality Digital Iridology Iris cameras go to   

Email Leo@care.cc  or Call EyeRonec International LLC on  +614 0962 2795 (9am - 5pm Local Sydney time) today!

Perfecto para Windows7-  Vista - XP -  Ideale per Windows XP, Vista Win7 - Fonctionne avec Windows XP, Vista Win7

Une vision nette - Vea con claridad -  Guarda con chiarezza

Capteur haute definition - Sensore ad alta definizione - Sensor de alta definicion

Resolution de 2 MP -  Resoluzine pari a 2 MP -  Resolucion de 2 MP

Si vous utilisez Iridology, cette EyeSpy est pout vous !  -  Se usi Iridologia, questa e la EyeSpy che fa per te !

Si utiliza Iridologia, esta es su camara Pebble.


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